In 1948, Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children decided to construct a new building with new equipment. When a group of local doctors heard this news, they banded together and requested that medical equipment from the old hospital be sent to under-resourced hospitals around the world. The administration approved the request, and the doctors formed EMAS to oversee the distribution of warehouses full of donated medical equipment.

Over 70 years later, hundreds of Canadian healthcare professionals continue to band together every year on behalf of those in need. EMAS’ mandate has grown from equipment distribution to short-term medical mission trips and healthcare training, but the responsiveness to opportunities, a willingness to serve, and the underlying motivation to share God’s love with others remains constant.


Christ-centred healthcare teams proclaiming God’s love to all the world through healing and teaching
  • EMAS provides holistic medical and spiritual care, for those in need, in a culturally sensitive manner
  • EMAS teams are Christ-centred, highly competent and cost-conscious
  • EMAS teaches, mentors and works alongside healthcare workers and others in the field
  • EMAS partners with other Christian ministries in capacity-building projects


to heal, teach and serve those in need in a Christ-like manner


  • Christ-likeness
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Cultural awareness

EMAS Hong Kong  EMAS Hong Kong

EMAS Canada is connected to a sister organization, EMAS Hong Kong, which raises funds and provides administrative support for EMAS trips in China. Recently, EMAS Hong Kong has also begun conducting their own short-term medical mission trips into Northern Thailand and Myanmar.