Honduras Placeholder

Medical & Dental Team


EMAS will be starting a new healthcare project in Honduras. The dates will be from Feb. 15th-25th, 2025.

We will be working in conjunction with World Gospel Mission (WGM) which is an established Mission organization that has been providing education, social services and healthcare to various areas in the country for many years.

Dr. Bob Clark has been volunteering dental services through EMAS with WGM in the past. The healthcare needs in remote villages have been identified and EMAS was asked to form a team to assist meeting these needs.

An EMAS team consisting of physicians, nurses, dentists and general helpers are needed. We will be using the WGM El Sembrador school as our base from which we will travel to the surrounding villages.  If you are interested in volunteering on this team or donating to the project please contact EMAS or Dr. Bob Clark, team coordinator.


Donations can be made online to the Honduras fund.
For more information, please contact the EMAS Canada office<

TEAM LEADER: Dr. Robert Clark