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Democratic Republic of Congo

Medical Teaching Team – Drs. Philip and Nancy Wood return to Bunia, DR Congo for three months, but scholarships for healthcare graduates and specialists continue all year.


EMAS Canada provides educational opportunities for students, graduates and specialists of healthcare both from within and outside Canada. An investment made over 50 years ago in the life of a Canadian medical student is yielding fruit through a program that trains leaders for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo)

Nancy Wood was the first student sponsored for an overseas elective to Uganda in 1968. After two short-term missions to Africa, Nancy and her spouse Philip began to serve full time in various roles until 2012. Now, in the DR Congo, Nancy and Philip Wood have made a long-term commitment to return for three months a year to encourage and teach local healthcare professionals, and to oversee the progress of students on scholarships. Nancy teaches Gerontology which has been a success with nurses, and Philip teaches Histology and Radiology both to Lab students at the college and to medical students at Shalom University.

Drs. Philip and Nancy Wood are serving in the Democratic Republic of Congo as medical trainers, mentoring the next generation of Congolese healthcare professionals.

They are looking for partners who want to preserve and pass on their knowledge and skills by investing in the training of others.

To participate in the DR Congo project, contact Philip and Nancy Wood


Your donations help invest in healthcare graduates and specialists in training in, and for the DR Congo. These students will have an incalculable impact on their communities.

TEAM LEADERS: Drs. Philip and Nancy Wood