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The first letter of EMAS stands for Education. Alongside our focus on healthcare education in the developing world, EMAS Canada is committed to offering educational experiences for the next generation of healthcare professionals in Canada. Over the past 45 years, EMAS has sponsored hundreds of Canadian Christian healthcare students to complete placements overseas.

Bursaries for overseas placements can be given for participation in an upcoming EMAS trip or service with an EMAS Project. For example, our annual Haiti trip is an approved healthcare student elective for the University of Manitoba. Bursaries can also be given to Christian healthcare students who arrange their own elective overseas. In either case, our hope is that healthcare students will develop a lifelong affinity for overseas healthcare work and consider future short-term or long-term medical missions.

The amount each bursary available depends on the duration and location of the EMAS mission or overseas elective. Bursaries are limited to one per student.


In 1968, aware of the need for healthcare missionaries overseas, EMAS Canada began subsidizing healthcare students to spend time at mission hospitals to complete their electives. Nancy Wood was our first healthcare student participant (see story below). By 1980, 21 healthcare students were given financial assistance to serve their elective periods overseas. Between 1982 and 1992, 148 students were sponsored and subsidized. Since that time, hundreds more healthcare students from a variety of Canadian medical schools have received subsidies to travel across the globe: DR Congo, Haiti, India, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Nepal and beyond.

To apply for a bursary or for more information:

Contact us at or (905) 319-3415

Nancy Wood, on first EMAS Canada short-term trip

Philip and Nancy Wood

In 1968–69, EMAS Canada sponsored Nancy Wood's medical student elective to a placement in the Congo. This article, which appeared in the Toronto Star on August 21, 2012, describes her 40-year journey since her EMAS mission.

Med Student Placement: Haiti 2013

Article by Chris More Haiti is the poorest country in the new world. When I think of it, images of hurricanes and the devastating earthquake that rocked it only a few years ago come to [...]

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