In October 2020, various members of EMAS Canada volunteers and staff participated in the Ride for Refuge. Due to the Corona virus, the virtual event allowed participants to ride on their own in small groups, on their chosen days, while reporting their mileage.

Our Executive Director roped in two friends to join him to ride on October 8th to raise funds for the Zimbabwe – Gutu fund, these friends in turn invited others from their church.

Riding to raise funds to buy a sterilizer for the Gutu Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe

Riding to raise funds to buy a sterilizer for the Gutu Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe

Seven cyclists gathered on the beautiful fall morning in the hamlet of Westover ON for a 40 km leisurely ride enjoying the rich fall colors we are blessed with this time of the year.  Dr. Peter Agwa said, “We were out to raise funds for a much-needed sterilizer for Gutu Mission Hospital, however my greater joy was to make new friends and talk about the work of EMAS teams to various parts of the world. As a bonus, I was invited by the newfound friends to go back and ride the quiet roads of Westover in 2021.”

Linda and James Ling, EMAS Myanmar team leaders, gathered together riders to raise funds for a cause that means so much to them and is close to their hearts. This is Linda’s third year participating in the Ride For Refuge and she said, “The funds raised will be used for our next medical mission trip to Myanmar to purchase medical, dental supplies, to sponsor local health care workers to join the medical team, to feed the community to share Christ love for the display of God’s glory.”

Their team had six bike riders, four people walked. Linda’s mother, Mrs. Hu inspired nine others to do 30 minutes at-home exercise with her virtually on Zoom!

Linda concluded by saying, “We had a safe, fun and beautiful day with good fellowship.”

Myanmar Ride for Refuge team

Myanmar Team Ride 4 Refuge Cyclists

The Gambade team had some important reasons to ride this year.

Rob Black had this to say about why it was important to him to ride in 2020:

Rob Black R4R to raise funds for Gambade Clinic, Haiti

Rob Black

“When you think of Canada as a place to live we have it very good. There is stability in our government, we go to the store and they are well stocked, you can go to a gas station and pay a reasonable amount for gas and there is ample supply. Our utilities work all the time, we can turn on the tap and clean fresh water comes out, the list could go on. However, in the midst of this pandemic all of this has been disruptive to our daily lives and caused angst and uncertainty among us. Haiti is a land that’s in stark contrast to Canada, in the best of times they have little. So, now more than ever, it’s important to remember those who are vulnerable, they have the pandemic on top of the daily trials. God has given us plenty in Canada; we need to think of others at risk and help as much as possible. The Ride4Refuge is a way we can help raise money for the vulnerable.” – Rob Black, from the Gambade, Haiti Team.

In conclusion, riding for a cause you care about not only raises much needed funds for those in need, but it also builds team relationships and camaraderie when we all work together for a common cause.

22 participants in 3 teams

147 donors

Total raised $16,736

(Gambade = $6,885, Myanmar = $3,326, Zimbabwe-Gutu = $6,525)

Thank you for supporting our riders this year.