Surgical Team Served in Cambodia

by Joshua Wong The EMAS Cambodia Surgery team in Phnom Penh was a primarily reconstructive surgical mission team grown out of the China South Team. Since the original scouting tour in 2018, we have successfully completed 3 tours to partner with our host Hebron Medical Center in February 2019, 2023, and now 2024. With [...]

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One at a Time

by Janet Greidanus Operation Esperanza is a group of healthcare professionals who have been volunteering together for the past 25 years to serve the poor and underprivileged in Ecuador. This time, in 2023, this was done primarily through the provision of free hip replacement surgeries. As well, team members provided dozens of joint injections, [...]

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The Starfish Project – Projet Étoile de Mer

Once a man was walking on the beach. He saw thousands of starfish scattered on the beach. They needed to get back to the ocean just to survive. Further down the beach he saw a man who was throwing the starfish back into the ocean, one star fish at a time. He said, “Man, [...]

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Celebrating the Women Serving with EMAS Canada

By Peter Agwa Many women work hard away from the spotlight of team reports. That means there are many women that no list could do justice in honoring them. Furthermore, some have chosen anonymity out of self-effacement: allowing the light to shine on their work and not on themselves. In governance, we have Sally [...]

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Life-changing Surgery Means Brighter Future for a Young Mother

by Melony Teague Your support for our annual trips to Ecuador is changing lives. I bet you have heard that before, but take a moment to imagine this scenario: You are a young mother of an active three-year-old and you are immobile because of severe arthritis in your hip. Every day is a challenge [...]

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With the arrival of the pandemic, travel has been restricted. This short video from Dr. Nancy wood will update you on all you need to know in response to the pandemic, D.R. Congo, and how it's affecting the EMAS D.R. Congo Project. UPDATE AND URGENT NEED FROM OUR DR CONGO TEAM Thank you for [...]

2020-06-24T14:38:53-04:00June 24th, 2020|

India North 2020 Trip a Success

by Dr. Stephen & Dr. Stephanie Milone As team leaders for India North, we are pleased to inform the EMAS family of our latest team visit to Herbertpur, India. The team consisted of Dr. Anna Davenport and her daughter Larkin. Dr. Anna is a family physician in Orangeville, Ontario and practices sports medicine as [...]

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Operation Esperanza Touching Lives in Ecuador

by Janet Greidanus Again this year (2019) we have been so blessed on our Mission to Cuenca, Ecuador,” said orthopaedic surgeon, Thomas Greidanus. “We were able to do a record 48 hip and knee replacements. Our patients were so grateful for the help they received, and we, in turn, were moved by their gratitude.” [...]

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Why Non-Medical Team Support Matters

by Beatrice Vandervelde I have now been on two medical missions to Vietnam. Since I don’t have medical training, I come as team support. What would my role be? That first day, there was a huge crowd so I helped keep order. AT first, by the end of the day I was a bit [...]

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Compassion Leads Us to Action

When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. (Matthew 9:36) Jesus responded to the needs of the people around Him. He healed all manner of diseases, He fed the hungry, and He announced the good news of the Kingdom of God. [...]

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Teaching and Equipping For the Future

Empowering Local Leaders The inaugural Université Lumière Interprofessional Student Elective initiative kicked off in February 2018 during the fourteenth EMAS Canada (Hand in Hand with Haiti) trip to Haiti. Planning had been underway for a year before the team arrived in Port-au-Prince to offer six medical students and six nursing students from Université Lumière [...]

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When God Has A Plan

A SMALL BUSINESS INITIATIVE to help raise two recently orphaned children Before leaving Canada for Haiti, in February 2018, a Christian lady approached my wife, Appoline and asked her to take a gift of $100 with her to Gambade. Her only instruction was that this amount be given to a family to facilitate a [...]

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Our Plan to Build a Second Medical Mission’s Base

Early this year, the Lord renewed our mission: “Go show mercy and proclaim Christ’s Jubilee among the lost, the least, and the last in the dark.” He has shown us great opportunities to bring the people of Myanmar into His Kingdom of Light. Our first base, Yuzana Medical Center, is located near Yangon (formerly Rangoon). [...]

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Thank you from the India Bihar Team

In November, 2017 a brand new exploratory Medical/Dental team went to Bihar, India.  The local people are largely agricultural or factory workers. In partnership with GEMS, The objective of this EMAS trip will be to explore the potential of forming a long-term affiliation with GEMS hospital, focusing mainly on providing medical and dental training [...]

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Blessings Through Serving

by Janet Greidanus Ana arrived at the clinic lying in the back of a SUV, she could not walk. She had fallen a month before our mission team arrived in Cuenca, Ecuador, sustaining a fracture of the mid-femur. Five years earlier, Ana had received a hip replacement (we don't know where), and this fracture was [...]

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A Canadian Dentist On the Mission Field

by Ajit Vargis ALL GLORY TO GOD The dental team is an unique opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus. For us, our opportunity lies in Zimbabwe. We get to talk to people and give them at least a few words of hope, no matter how busy we get. We make use of [...]

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EMASSARY- December 2017

The December 2017 EMASSARY is now out. What a wonderful time to reflect on what God has done in 2017. Thank you for sustaining our mission, we average 350 volunteers annually in nearly 12 team to 10 countries as disparate as Ecuador and Zimbabwe. You became part of God’s mission through our Vision when [...]

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Driver Now Being Driven by Christ

Meet Paulin Lindor a 33 year-old Haitian man, the youngest of a family of three sisters and two brothers. He was born and raised in a village at the feet of the Citadel. His father is a farmer and his mother died when he was seventeen. After the death of his mother he moved [...]

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Providing Surgical, Spiritual and Dental Care to Zimbabweans

There is nothing quite like watching the sun rise and set over the African landscape. In May 2017, our team of 11 volunteers witnessed God's sunrise and sunset artwork as we worked at Karanda Mission Hospital. Karanda Hospital, established in 1961 is situated in northern Zimbabwe, within the Zambezi River Valley; 200 kilometres from the capital, Harare.

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