by Dr. Stephen & Dr. Stephanie Milone

As team leaders for India North, we are pleased to inform the EMAS family of our latest team visit to Herbertpur, India.

The team consisted of Dr. Anna Davenport and her daughter Larkin. Dr. Anna is a family physician in Orangeville, Ontario and practices sports medicine as well as the emerging specialty focusing on treating disorders of the fascia which result in other chronic physical and physiologic conditions. Larkin has completed her masters in public health.  Both had expressed a keen desire to share their knowledge and skills and we have been fortunate to help arrange their time in Herbertpur.  Here is an excerpt from their experiences:

“We spent an interesting, educational, eye opening, welcoming, humbling 2 1/2 days at the hospital. We were met by Dr. Anjit, a fairly new orthopedist. He was our contact for touring the hospital and setting up lectures. We ended up doing a talk on antibiotic resistance on Monday evening then on depression on Tuesday morning to the doctors. Then Tuesday, before leaving, Larkin talked on mental health to the first and second year nurses and I did post partum depression to the 3rd year nursing students. We spent sometime in the prosthetics department and toured the centre which was unfortunately closed for the holidays. I think our talks were appreciated. 

Unfortunately the family practice division is no longer at the hospital so we didn’t really have any clinic time which would have been interesting but hard to fit in. We stayed at the residence in a cozy room. Our only problem is we were not prepared for the cold temperatures; we wore every piece of clothing we had 24 hours a day!”

We would like to thank our friends at EMAS head office as well as the rest of the EMAS family for their prayers and support.

EMAS India North traveled in early 2020 to serve local healthcare professionals at Herbertpur Christian Hospital.

TEAM LEADERS: Dr. Stephen and Dr.Stephanie Milone.