by Joshua Wong

The EMAS Cambodia Surgery team in Phnom Penh was a primarily reconstructive surgical mission team grown out of the China South Team. Since the original scouting tour in 2018, we have successfully completed 3 tours to partner with our host Hebron Medical Center in February 2019, 2023, and now 2024.

With a multidisciplinary approach, the team was equipped with nursing, occupational therapy, anesthesia, plastic reconstructive surgery, family medicine, clinical psychology, and optometry. Our focus is 4 pronged for this team.

First, we work on the physical health of the underprivileged patients and families; many of whom travel from the rural province. Specifically, we treated conditions such as cleft lip, congenital hand deformities, burn contractures, acute burn injuries, vascular malformations, skin/soft tissue tumours, including severely disfiguring scars affecting mobility and self-image, and vision pathology.

The second focus is the mental and spiritual health of patients and their families, who were all blessed with the gospel and prayer through the hospital ministry team. Thirdly, medical teaching was provided daily through teaching rounds on family medicine, mental health, surgery, and optometry. A nursing symposium was held at the nursing school.

Finally, we were able to provide spiritual encouragement to the local hospital staff in the form of daily testimony sharing, worship, prayer meetings and small group discussions.

We are excited to partner again in February 2025.

Joshua Wong is the EMAS Cambodia Surgical Team Leader