In November, 2017 a brand new exploratory Medical/Dental team went to Bihar, India.  The local people are largely agricultural or factory workers. In partnership with GEMS, The objective of this EMAS trip will be to explore the potential of forming a long-term affiliation with GEMS hospital, focusing mainly on providing medical and dental training as well as therapeutic care.

“I went with an EMAS team to Bihar, India which is a low resource region in the country, ” said Timothy Yung. “We partnered with a local Christian organization and were touched by the medical, social, and spiritual needs of the people and the city. However, we were also so blessed by the work that God was doing there through the local church. Witnessing firsthand the power and grace of the Lord through practical service was in itself eye-opening. To have opportunities like this opens doors and minds for people to exercise their gifts in areas of much need.”

Thank you

The team would like to thank all those who contributed to this exploratory trip. We are thankful for your partnership with us.

 Timonthy Yung served with the EMAS India Team in Bihar in November 2017.