A SMALL BUSINESS INITIATIVE to help raise two recently orphaned children

Before leaving Canada for Haiti, in February 2018, a Christian lady approached my wife, Appoline and asked her to take a gift of $100 with her to Gambade. Her only instruction was that this amount be given to a family to facilitate a small business initiative.

God had a plan.

In Gambade, we heard from a grandmother who had taken two newly orphaned children in. She told us the full story of her twenty nine year-old daughter’s brief illness and subsequent death leaving two children orphaned. This grandmother told us of her need to look after her grandchildren. She wanted to start a small business in front of her home and use the proceeds to care for the basic needs of the enlarged family. We prayed for the children, the family, the neighbours and the whole village to rally around these newly orphaned children and their grandmother.

Open for business, selling peanut butter and Cassava

After some discussion about her plans for the new small business initiative, we did not hesitate to entrust the gift from the Oakville benefactor to her to start as soon as possible. It is not the only thing that she will need to raise these children, but it will surely help ease the financial pressure and make a difference in their day-to-day lives in Gambade.

Her daughter, who had lived steps from the Clinic, had passed away approximately at the same time that the specific designated donation was being given. The gift would provide a more promising future for the deceased mother’s two orphaned children; aged three and six.

What can a small business that starts with $100 do? We probably do not know, but God will see to it that it multiplies and becomes fruitful.

Our God is a God who cares. His plan put into action, surpassing the boundaries of countries, oceans and cultures.

By W.Romulus

Wesley and Appoline Romulus are EMAS Gambade Team members who serve faithfully with the EMAS Gambade Team in Haiti.