“I was born at that hospital; I am from Gutu that is why I’m interested.”

With these words, Prof. Feresu on last week’s video conference call linking Ontario, Gutu, and Harare, let me know she had a personal stake in Gutu Mission Hospital. She is now on the Gutu Mission Hospital Infrastructure team.

She is a medical/veterinary microbiologist with interests in medical waste management. Prof. Feresu looked at the first draft architectural sketches and drew our attention to infection control measures we could incorporate into the proposal for the new maternity unit at Gutu Mission Hospital.

When the pandemic restricted international travel, I was at a loss for next steps with the ambitious plan to reduce maternal mortality in Gutu by improving maternity services at the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe Mission Hospital. I expected to send a Canadian and South African team in 2021, but closure of borders put a stop to that idea.

Learning from the Scriptures, which I have come to love and adopt as sufficient for both principle and practice, I pegged my hope on my belief in the constancy of God.

I prayerfully revisited an old bible study and told God that if He gave me people, I would move forward with the plan one-step at a time.

In the biblical labour-intensive projects that I studied, God gave the plan, the people, and the provisions to a leader or leaders who then executed on that plan with His given labour force and supplies.

Looking at how God has given people for Gutu Mission Hospital is keeping me motivated.

As far back as 2016, when a Canadian friend took two days of his time in Zimbabwe to make the first evaluation of the situation in Gutu, there seems to be an inexhaustible reservoir in the work force.

When I visited Zimbabwe in 2019, the team that traveled with me was a godsend.

Now we have an infrastructure team of experts and end-users in Zimbabwe, among them Prof. Feresu. At the time of writing, this blog a mechanical engineer in Harare is joining the team; his expertise will be of value with physical plants such as back-up power and oxygen generation.

Here in Ontario, I have appointments in mid-August to foster synergistic relationships with another EMAS team to mobilize more resources to support mission hospitals in Zimbabwe.

I am excited about the progress; it reminds me of how God kept sending people David’s way from a motley crowd of discontented and debt-ridden fighters to a formidable army of expert warriors that kept the Philistines at bay for years.1

Ours is not a military endeavour, and our volunteers are not in financial distress or discontented, nevertheless the progression in God’s provision for David and myself are thrilling. I see a similar pattern when Moses was building the Tent of Meeting.2   There is somewhat of an exception: Solomon: conscripted forced labour by royal decree to build the temple.3 I am confident that God confirms His plan by providing people to work on His projects.

The next step is to see God providing the resources to build a modern district level maternity unit at the Mission Hospital in Gutu

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Dr. Peter Agwa and his bike

By participating in the RIDE 4 Refuge. I’m speaking for people who have little or no voice and who often get left behind or ignored. You can join my fundraising cycling/walking team for Gutu mission here.

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1. 1 Samuel 22:2, 23:13, & I Chronicles 11 & 12
2. Exodus 31:1-11
3. 1 Kings 5:13-18

All Scripture references are taken from the New International Version (NIV)


A physician and surgeon in his native Kenya, Peter has a passion for Christ-centred healthcare and has a wealth of experience both hosting and sending short-term mission teams.


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