Dr. Stephen and Dr. Stephanie Milone provide an update on the India North project (July 2021)

Herbertpur Hospital is located in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in India. While several hospitals in the region closed, Herbertpur Christian Hospital made the decision to remain open and created a separate COVID isolation ward.

Other than COVID, the hospital continues to have ongoing medical needs.

Here are three needs that you can help with:

  • One factor necessary to providing critical hospital care is having an adequate number of nursing staff. They are training local rural youth to become nurses. It costs approximately $1500 to train one nurse. 30 new nurses will be graduating from this program this year.
  • A priority item at the hospital is to start up their own blood bank. Currently someone must travel over an hour each way to obtain blood for a patient’s use in hospital. Given they are the only ones providing many complex surgical procedures and see many trauma patients in their ER, it would be beneficial to patient care to have access to a local blood bank. They require funding to set up the infrastructure needed.
  • The hospital’s ultrasound machine is aging. Their goal is to replace it to be able to offer this important diagnostic service to this region.

Your support will enable them to provide medical care for the poor and marginalized in the region.

Thank you.