Not long after His crucifixion and resurrection followers of Jesus proclaimed that He was a man accredited by God, through miracles, signs, and wonders. These were acts of God that people bore witness to and benefited from.

People marveled, overwhelmed with amazement, the impact was qualitative and quantitative: “He has done everything well”, they said, “He even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.”1

These same followers had previously asked, “What manner of man is this, that even the wind and sea obey Him?”2

They were yet to learn that they were companions of God, later to be His delegates on earth.

Some people in the gospel stories understood Jesus; they saw Deity whereas others saw novelty.

One such person was a Canaanite woman who argued that scraps from Jesus’ offerings were sufficient for her needs, the healing of her demon-possessed daughter. Another was a leading Roman soldier who believed Jesus’ word had power over life and death.

Today EMAS Canada volunteers, following the same Jesus, continue to band together to serve others on His behalf, using healthcare and education as tools to respond to needs.

We are convinced that Jesus has the power to back us up and overcome anything, and if He so pleases, override the laws of nature on our behalf.

Despite the lockdowns, faith in the power of Jesus, expressed through prayer, enabled teams to deliver life saving medical education and resources to a war-torn region. Miraculously we operated across multiple time zones, overcame language barriers, and governmental telecommunication blockades without breaking the law.

It is my firm conviction that now, as in the past, God will show Himself powerful on behalf of anyone audacious enough to take Him at His word.

It is the joy of every follower of Jesus who aspires to be and serve like Him, to be accredited by God.3

Follow our bold steps to serve the underserved in Haiti, Burkina Faso, and Zimbabwe.

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1.Mark 7:37, Matt 9:35
2. Mark 4:41KJV
3. Acts 2:22

All Scripture references are taken from the New International Version (NIV)

Feature image: photo from Canva

A physician and surgeon in his native Kenya, Peter has a passion for Christ-centred healthcare and has a wealth of experience both hosting and sending short-term mission teams.


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