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The government of Zimbabwe has a National Surgical Obstetric and Anaesthesia Strategy, the plan is to provide standardized obstetric anaesthetic and surgical services at the district level.

If implemented at Gutu, the plan would bring it closer to being a comprehensive obstetric emergency hospital.

A facilities’ assessment and masterplan done in 2023, showed that lack of reliable power and adequate water supply are obstacles standing in the way of Gutu Mission Hospital’s (GMH), development.

These are big-ticket items that require careful planning; however, we can sustain ongoing services and improve service delivery through staff training and renovations to existing buildings and the supply of essential equipment.

In 2022 and 2023, EMAS Canada has come alongside Reformed Church in Zimbabwe to train midwives and doctors with skills for handling emergencies before, during and after delivery.

Most recently we supported the training of GMH staff to become trainers.

Our plan for 2024 is to evaluate the performance of the trainers and to explore collaboration with local organisations for fundraising initiatives in Zimbabwe.

We will also continue to support GMH in its plans to improve maternal safety through infrastructure renovations, staff development and their dream of becoming a comprehensive obstetric emergency hospital.

We are excited about growing a community of Canadians and Zimbabweans who care about maternal and infant health through our fundraising ride in Ontario.

Next ride in Ontario will be a two-day ride in September 06-07, 2024

Dates for Fall 2024 mission trip to be determined.

Contact for the masterplan and National Surgical Obstetric and Anaesthesia Strategy.

Gutu Mission Hospital:

Serves as the district referral hospital for about 250,000 people, it is the only centre in Gutu District currently with capacity for emergency obstetrics.

Thirty smaller health delivery units rely on it as the first port of call for patients too sick to be treated at rural health centres.

About 65% of every patient seen is female and 20% is under 5 years of age.

It also provides the learning space for a school of nursing.

Development Opportunities:

The hospital is poised for growth through Staff training and capacity building to upgrade clinical services.

There are opportunities to repair and repurpose existing buildings for greater efficiency and infection control.

Optimization of solar power energy is an urgent need to stabilize power supply and guarantee uninterrupted and safe patient care.
Rehabilitation and improvement of water supply is another critical infrastructure that needs attention.

EMAS Canada’s Pilot Project:

  1. Recruit a team for Gutu Mission Hospital.
  2. Prioritize and initiate a response towards reachable goals in keeping with Sustainable Development Goals.
  3. Demonstrate capacity to operate as a long-term EMAS Canada project.

Team composition:

Healthcare priorities: Obstetricians, Family Physicians, Paediatricians, Nurse educators, Midwives, Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Pharmacists,

Non-Healthcare priorities: Electrical, Civil, and Water engineers, Plumbers, and Builders.

Need for other cadres will be evaluated on an ongoing basis.

TEAM LEADER: Dr. Peter Agwa