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Dental Team & Pastoral Team


Dr. Paul Thistle, a career missionary doctor and long term member of the Canadian Christian medical community in Ontario, has served in Zimbabwe for many years. He recently invited EMAS Canada to provide resources for expanding the services at Karanda Mission Hospital by incorporating dental care.

Dr. Ajit Vargis led a team to Zimbabwe as part of EMAS’ new initiatives in 2015. Karanda is located in the Rushinga district,in a remote area of Northern Zimbabwe nearest to Mount Darwin which is approximately 124 miles from Harare, the Capital of Zimbabwe.

Dr. Ajit Vargis evaluated the usefulness of providing dental services at Karanda mission hospital as a way to expose more people to the gospel. He assessed the needs for a dentist and equipment for a proposed dental unit. He wants to facilitate appropriate long term dentistry in an area currently without a dentist.

Our return trips have been a resounding success and with your support we plan to return to bless the people of Zimbabwe.

Watch this short video for the latest UPDATE on the Karanda Dental Team

Dr. Ajit Vargis gives an update on the Karanda Dental team and the situation in Zimbabwe (October 2020).

To volunteer or inquire about joining the team, please contact us here.

TEAM LEADER: Dr. Ajit Vargis