Recently, two surgery teams, one dental team and one medical team, visited  different cities in southern China. The surgery teams operated on more than 120 patients with severe conditions: burns, congenital deformities, etc. The audiologists performed hearing tests and fitted people with hearing aids. This holistic approach often resulted in dramatic improvement in their quality of life. For instance, a young girl, with scar contracture on her knees, was unable to walk; but after surgery, she stood up for the first time in years and started a few steps towards recovery.

Some of the patients live in remote villages. A bus ticket to the city for surgery often means a month’s total family income. Nutritional food, essential for recovery, is beyond their reach. Any medical costs incurred can mean absolute poverty. Your generous donations provide hospital care, supplies and equipment, medications, nutritional information, supplements and transportation. It could mean a life-changing event for a family living in poverty.

Dr. Lawrence Lau