by Melony Teague

The China South Surgery and Post-Op Teams are back safely on our shores and are already preparing for their next trip in May. Together, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, surgeons, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dentists and audiologists enjoyed good health and a time of serving together in unity. There is no doubt that the China South team love to laugh together and celebrate together. Although they do their best to master the Mandarin language, they are able to laugh at their mistakes and although their time away consists of long hours on their feet, their sense of humour carries them through.

For some, this trip was the first time tasting of the joys of going and serving. For others the reward lies in knowing that they are making an eternal difference and building friendships and relationships over time with local health-care professionals that they have met through the years.

Others return every year to renew the connections they have made. One of the young pharmacists on the trip said that one of her favourite parts of the trip was interacting with the children. Another participant expressed how getting to know her local health-care professionals from year to year, enabled her to form meaningful relationships that continue on past the duration of the trip. She said, “The people see a difference in us.”

At EMAS Canada we are thankful that this door is open to us and pray that it will be for many years to come.

November, 2014 - EMAS CHINA SOUTH TEAM

November, 2014 – EMAS CHINA SOUTH TEAM