By Dr. Sharon Reece

Dr. Sharon Reece, Dr. Lindsay Bowman, and Mr. Josh Matthews spent 1 week in Herbertpur, India at the Herbertpur Christian Hospital serving patients of all faiths and walks of life alongside the local doctors and nurses.

The team was able to teach and learn from the Junior Doctors while also providing technical support. The team started their mornings with daily devotions at the hospital before breaking off to perform their various tasks for the day.

Josh spent his days working with the hospital IT department streamlining their network operations.

Sharon and Lindsay spent their days attending morning report, giving suggestions on management of patients in the hospital, and providing support to the on-call Junior Doctor. Sharon and Lindsay were also able to deliver over six hours of lectures on topics that the Junior Doctors had requested.

The team left Herbertpur physically tired, but spiritually energized by the great work being done in Herbertpur and the new friendships that had been formed during the short trip.