By Dr. Remy Fu Tam

Praise the Lord for a successful mission to Bali in June/July, 2019. The theme for our trip was the Beatitudes as recorded in Matthew 5:3-10 (NIV) and we experienced the joy of working cohesively as a group. The Beatitudes captured our attention with the promises of wonderful news for those who are meek, who mourn, and who are poor in spirit, for those who hunger and for the peacemakers, and the persecuted.

The fast-growing church in Bali has six thousand members and the pastors couldn’t afford dental extractions because of the cost. One elderly pastor waited for our dental team to extract twelve of his teeth on this trip. He had been praying for an angel to come and extract his teeth and he admitted that Dr. Tim Tam was his angel. God had answered his prayers.

We gave medical and dental services to 800 people.

Bali is so beautiful that we glimpses the face of God in his magnificent creation. (Psalm 8:1)

To me, this mission was successful because of the prayers offered for, and on this trip. We recognized that even through our weaknesses, as a team which included survivors of physical challenges such as cardiac events, knee replacements and cancer in remission, God answered our prayer to serve those in need in a Christ-like manner. We saw the face of God in ordinary people with the eyes of faith.

We give thanks to all of you who are partners, not only in financial support, but also in prayer and encouragers of good deeds for the glory of our Father in heaven in promoting the Gospel for the salvation of others.

Please continue to pray for us as we go back to Indonesia in the coming years.

Dr. Remy Fu Tam serves with the EMAS Indonesia Team