The word immediately conjures up negative images: dysfunction, chaos, brutal violence, grinding poverty, systemic corruption, and perhaps most problematic, Hopelessness. We have witnessed desperate need and how at various times the world has promised and even sent money to assist and the money seemingly having no effect in improving the situation. We ask ourselves, “What is the solution? Can anything be done to relieve the misery?” A dark picture indeed.

But there is spark of light in the darkness. Small steps are being taken at the grassroots level. And these steps are making a tremendous difference in the lives of local people.

In the small village of Gambade, in northeast Haiti, in a mountainous region along the Grand Riviere du Nord, where there was previously no primary medical care for a population of upwards of 20,000 people, a medical clinic was opened earlier this year. It has been 10 years in the consultation, planning, fund raising, construction and staffing phases. The Covid-19 worldwide pandemic forced a pause but not a stop progress. Persistence and a faith that considers all people to have immense value because God loves them prevailed.

March 20, 2023 was the opening day of the clinic as a primary Healthcare Centre. Approximately 20 patients are seen each day. There are 11 staff positions ranging from a doctor, nurses, administrator, and administrative support personnel to a lab technician, pharmacist and cleaning staff. And they treat a wide range of medical conditions typical of an agrarian, tropical area including many waterborne and airborne illnesses. The modest and affordable flat fee charged for all interventions to the people in Gambade is structured to cover the cost of basic and common drugs that are provided.

And how has all this been received by the people in Gambade? You can imagine what the people in area thought. For some, from doubt and skepticism as the project dragged on, to elation when the clinic actually opened.  It has been exceedingly well received.

So, there is glimmer of Hope in the otherwise pervading darkness that is Haiti. And it often comes in small steps backed by an enduring outlook that there can be a better way. It requires effort, commitment, and support.

The current and ongoing challenge for the Gambade Medical Clinic is finding a source of sustained long-term funding for the staffing costs. There are 11 staff and the average annual cost across all positions is $6000 Cdn per staff or $500 per month. There is no Government funding.

This is something where you might be able to help. The Gambade Team (the group of Canadians that has carried the project thus far) are proposing an Adopt-a-Staff initiative to groups, individuals and corporations. The Program consists of committing to provide the Gambade Medical Clinic an annual donation of $6,000.CDN. This way the Clinic is ensured steady and sufficient funding for its Staffing cost – to continue the good work that has started. We will provide updates and feedback on a regular basis. You would become intimately familiar with a part of our world that you otherwise would have no knowledge of. You would become part of a movement of providing Hope in a part of the world that desperately needs it. You would accomplish much.

You can ADOPT-A-STAFF here. 

In most parts of Haiti, when we provide income to a family member, we feed the whole family. Your commitment and contribution will not only provide income for the Staff but go a long way of supporting family members of the Staff and make a difference for the community of Gambade and the surrounding region.

Thank you for partnering with us.