Among my favourite bible stories is one about Abraham, a wealthy old man who was resting in the heat of the day when three visitors arrived at his tents.

“He ran…. to meet them.”

The old man was effusive in his reception, yet polite, humble, and eager to serve. Even if his culture dictated this, I marvel at the enthusiasm and energy with which he became a waiter, serving them and influencing his family to serve. He personally ran to the herd and selected the best of his animals for slaughter, his wife and their servant participated in preparing a meal.

The old man served his guests, then “he stood by them under the tree while they ate.”

This is Genesis 18:1-9. Even if Abraham knew Whom he was entertaining, one would have expected a man of his means and stature to delegate the tasks to his servants while he sat with the guests, besides Abraham and God had unfinished business.

Wherever there has been an opportunity to service that matched our resources, we have eagerly mobilised teams, and have taken time and trouble to be available as long-term partners with those in need of our help.

At EMAS Canada, our mission is to heal, teach and serve those in need in a Christ-like manner. We are not always able to do so in person, but when we can, we are very much hands on. Sometimes we rely on our overseas partners, like the doctor in Ecuador who attends our patients when we are not there, or the midwives in rural Zimbabwe who are now competent in training others to handle emergencies.

They stand in for us when we are not able to be there. Like Abraham, they care for those in need in their communities who turn up at their clinics, doorsteps, and churches and in so doing, they serve Christ.

There are two sides to serving as Abraham did:

  • First is the ability to recognize a need and taking initiative in response to that need.
  • Second is being available to respond should more need arise.

When we became aware, several years ago, of the dire needs in Haiti, we mobilized teams every year to serve, by providing healthcare, teaching about Jesus, and feeding children who were undernourished.

Recent escalation of insecurity has made it impossible for our teams to travel, so we wait, we watch, we are ready to step up and serve at short notice.

But now, for a season, we see the need to increase financial support to our local teams; resources that will free them from subsistence, so they can focus on serving their own, on behalf of Christ and EMAS Canada.

EMAS Canada has ongoing programs that need monthly support. You can support these programs by selecting either Hand in Hand with Haiti or Gambade under Haiti here.

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All Scripture references are taken from the New International Version (NIV)

Feature image: Serving patients at the Gambade Medical Clinic in Haiti 2023

A physician and surgeon in his native Kenya, Peter has a passion for Christ-centred healthcare and has a wealth of experience both hosting and sending short-term mission teams.


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