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EMAS work in southern China was established in 1994 in the province of Yunnan. In this remote and underserved area, local doctors have often not received sufficient medical education. For a time, in collaboration with the Yunnan provincial health bureau, EMAS began a program to upgrade the skills of these local practitioners, which has been well received. Medical and dental clinics have also been established in the region to supplement the work of local doctors.

Since the 1990’s, EMAS China South has expanded to three teams, each of which can consist of as many as 70 doctors, nurses and supporting staff:

1. China South Surgical Team

The Surgical Team goes to Kunming of Yunnan province where they conduct clinics at the local hospital. During a typical short-term medical mission, the China South Surgical Team operates on more than 100 patients per year with severe conditions: burns, congenital deformities, cleft palates, life-threatening cancers and more. Corrective surgery often results in dramatic life change. Audiologists also perform hearing tests and fit people with hearing aids at no cost. Many patients arrive from remote villages beyond Kunming where a bus ticket to the city for surgery often means a month’s total family income.

In tandem with the Surgical Team, a Post-Operative Team makes a separate trip to the region to follow up with patients and ensure their strong recovery. Nurses, physiotherapists and other specialized professionals comprise post-operative team, arriving in Kunming as the Surgical Team is departing.

2. The China South Medical/Dental Team

The Medical/Dental Team went to Anhui province in November 2015. The Team visited cities and villages setting up free medical clinics in the region. They went to Xuzhou, Jiangsu in November, 2016 providing free medical/dental services.

Here is an update from the team leader on what is happened in 2020 and what the future holds in 2021:


Equip the work of these three healthcare missions in southern China:
• $100 covers the cost of medications or supplies for one child’s surgery
• $400 defrays hospital charges for a clinic in southern China
• $700 covers the total cost of surgery for one child in Kunming

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