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For applicants to China teams, please that note special visa requirements may apply.

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China’s wealthiest province is a study in contrasts: entrepreneurs and business owners have swelled the ranks of China’s upper and middle classes while millions of factory workers and rural villagers continue to struggle for their basic healthcare needs. The EMAS Guangdong Team serves this latter group, many of whom live at or below the poverty line and have limited access to essential medical and dental care.

In a typical year, the team conducts approximately 800 patient visits, 200 dental visits and performs hundreds of diagnostic ultrasounds. Psychiatric patients are also seen. In 2013, physiotherapists joined the team and began conducting appointments with many factory workers who suffer from musculoskeletal problems. Although the work schedule is often intense, team members enjoy warm fellowship with rural local churches.


The EMAS Guangdong Team was founded in 2002 and has rapidly expanded into a multi-national team with members from Canada, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, mainland China and the US. The mission provides essential health care services for factory workers in Guangdong province In 2015 we visited some rural villages and a nursing home.

In the past, the Team has also sponsored local medical students to receive postgraduate clinical training at the Family Practice Residents’ Training Program at our  partner clinic, in Macau.


Help provide essential healthcare services in Guangdong:
• $20 covers the cost of medications for one factory worker
• $500 covers the full cost of dental supplies for a factory visit
• $800 allows a local medical student to participate in the Medical Training Program in Macau